Retired Educators Foundation of Orange County


     "Some forty years ago the leadership of the Orange County Retired Educators Association discovered that the pensions of retired teachers were so low they couldn't afford a decent place to live.  So, they cobbled together a loan and purchased a housing complex in West Orange County. Over the years pensions got better, and retired teachers were no longer qualified  reto live there.

     As a result, the complex was sold, the money placed in investments, and the interest earns funds scholarships.  There are three classes:


  • Academic Scholarships for graduating seniors. $2000 one time only

  • Technical Scholarships for those students in the OCPS Technical Schools.  $1000 one time only

  • Educator Scholarships for teachers working on a Masters Degree.  $2000 one time only. 

We are an affiliate of the Orange County Retired Educators Association and our sole purpose is to provide scholarships."

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