Retired Educators Foundation of Orange County Florida

Some forty years ago the leadership of the Orange County Retired Educators Association, (OCREA) discovered that the pensions for retired teachers were not large enough to afford them a decent place to live.  So, they cobbled together a loan and purchased a housing development in West Orange County to provide this housing.  Over the years, aging teachers died, pensions got better, and retired teachers no longer qualified to live there.  As a result, this project was sold and a Foundation was formed to manage the funds received from this sale.  The interest, after expenses and taxes have been paid, will be used to fund scholarships for local recipients.

The Scholarship Committee identified three non-renewable types of scholarships:  The Academic Scholarship is designed for Orange County graduating seniors ($2000 one time only); the Technical Scholarship is designed for a student in one of the Technical Centers in Orange County ($1000 one time only), and the Educators Scholarship is designed for an Orange County teacher working on a graduate degree ($2000 one time only).

The Foundation Board is made up of nine directors elected from OCREA membership and the current OCREA president (Ex Officio).  In turn, they elect their own officers. Directors are:

Director & REFOC Chairperson          Dr. Kim Stutsman

Director & Vice Chairperson              David Magee

Director                                          Betty Sasser

Director & Treasurer                        Ann Winn

Director                                          Tom Tankson

Director                                          Dr. Dan Buckman

Director &  Scholarship Chair            Christie Woods

Director                                          Cathy Thompson

Ex-officio                                        President OCREADr. Sharon Kochlany

Emeritus                                         Ellen James