Scholarship Programs for High School Future Florida Teachers

(OCREA actively participates in the

following scholarship programs.)

Florida Retired Educators Foundation

District VIII Trustee:  Dr. Gayle Hodges

OCREA Committee Chair:  Mrs. Janice Quint

The Foundation (FREF) is a not for profit autonomous arm of the FREA.  It provides scholarships to high school seniors planning to become teachers, assistance for retired educators facing financial crisis, and publishes scientific works of significance that relate to education.  FREF is made up of ten trustees, one from each district.  They manage scholarship monies, screen applications from the local units, and grant one-year renewable scholarships as monies are available to graduating high school students who plan to become teachers.


Application Form 

Step 1:  Click on the Application Form link above.

Step 2:  Complete the application online and then download it to your computer or download it first and then complete the form. 

Step 3.  Save your completed form with your Last name_First name (Ex: Kochlany_Sharon).

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